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Carbacan GmbH

Every IT solution is different, every customer requirement is unique.

Carbacan GmbH was founded in 2003 and is a company, which specializes in software development. Based on the long-standing experience of company founder Björn Bock, the Carbacan team develops individual applications and solves software-based IT problems.

Our Approach: With standard software, many companies often meet the limits of the economically meaningful or practically feasible. That is why we have developed appropriate answers to the complex challenges of innovative IT scenarios. Practice-oriented, comprehensive and oriented to each individual need. We have proven our interdisciplinary experience with a large number of interesting projects. Specific insights into our practice are presented here.

We think in principle: The combination of developer know-how and professional application orientation is typical of our background. We serve clients from a variety of industries and areas of expertise from our company location in Frankfurt. We see collaboration as a result-oriented process in which we also raise uncomfortable questions and openly discuss vulnerabilities. We care about the best possible solution for your company. If the requirements of the market change, we will promptly find a suitable solution. Another reason why more than 80% of our customers have become regular customers.

Untypical solutions are typical for us: Software must be tailored to the specific needs of your company in order to contribute to the successful implementation of your goals. That is why we see ourselves as consultants, problem-solvers, developers, but also "IT coaches" and a retailer. You profit from our external perspective, which makes the development of an individual solution possible.